The First Blockchain Enterprise

Currently, there are many profitable blockchain projects, as lending facilities, or coin exchanges, or NFT exchanges. However, if without a company registered off-chain, they still lack many attributes of real enterprises. The projects usually a lack of proper benefactors/agents structure. They function more like some monopolized infrastructure where several addresses could change any of the rules. They are also not like real enterprises where investors could receive proper income stream or exercise investor rights based on their investment.
Off-chain registration should really not be required in some cases. There could be web3 solutions, where projects on blockchains could act like enterprises, for both consumers and investors.
Lumin team has a blueprint to develop the first real on chain enterprise in the future. However, that would need enough development resources, or will be delayed. But if this program is completed, it will generate many more utilities for Lumin, and also attract more investment to on chain enterprises in general.