About Us

Lumin's mission

Traditional monetary systems are adaptable during market turmoils, and stimulative for economic growth, but they are all very centralized. Traditional cryptos are pre-programmed to almost always be deflationary, and with decades of staking rewards determined at the start. They can inhibit consumption, investment, and thus economic stability.
Lumin's mission is to provide a better alternative to both of these systems, to help bring a better and more democratic monetary world.

What is Lumin Coin?

Lumin Coin is the first crypto currency that facilitates direct democracy over monetary policies.
It could be as adaptable and economically compatible compared to centralized systems, but it would be much more transparent, democratic and decentralized.
Anyone could propose, vote on and execute the policies on chain, and thus making it much harder for a small group of bankers to obtain hidden priviledges. The coin will start as a token on an established blockchain, to utilize security of the existing infrastructure. But it will develop to have its own blockchain and sharding chains, to best serve the future monetary world.